Any tutorial or does anyone knows how to migrate a laravel project from local system to production in digital ocean?

ailiya518 2022-08-02 20:42:33
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anujrock1 2022-08-02 20:44:08
Create middle ware and add it on your routes
TheHunter_95 2022-08-02 20:44:16
One thing i forgot
I did this in codeigniter 3
Sorry for that
anujrock1 2022-08-02 20:44:33
And possible then make authenticated api
anujrock1 2022-08-02 20:46:01
No problem
anujrock1 2022-08-02 20:47:05
Try cors
TheHunter_95 2022-08-02 20:50:10
Thanks 👍
veddishant 2022-08-02 21:26:49

Ulzh7 2022-08-02 22:44:22
Hello, someone have tutorial for create crypto currency website like binance?
Alireza 2022-08-02 23:13:19
Hi guys
Im want set rules for repository collaborators in github
How to do it?
aminbinalam 2022-08-03 01:02:14
Target class [homecontroller] does not exist.

Please solve this problem.

Dev G 2022-08-03 03:19:10
Help, how use laravel forge, i make folder and conect My github. can be uploaded directly to the forge Laravel folder, from gitbash?
Dev G 2022-08-03 03:19:21
etekumoses 2022-08-03 03:23:50
Hey how do I prevent double submission in a form when a button taps submit it takes to another page but when he presses the back button he can again submit
etekumoses 2022-08-03 03:24:20
Anyone to guide me on this I want to prevent submitting twice if the back button is pressed
DesolatorMagno 2022-08-03 03:33:37
Well, if the user is going back to the previous page, there is nothing you can do, Laravel prevent the double submit from accident, but not if you go back and press submit again…
MerchantHussain 2022-08-03 03:38:54
Any tutorial or does anyone knows how to migrate a laravel project from local system to production in digital ocean ?
DesolatorMagno 2022-08-03 03:41:12
Digital Ocean Have tutorial in many things, try searching for it and is posible they have it.
MerchantHussain 2022-08-03 03:50:21
i created a laravel droplet but there i m not able to install phpmyadmin for same
. . 2022-08-03 07:32:45

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etekumoses 2022-08-03 08:41:02
Ehh won’t you get many responses from one person
etekumoses 2022-08-03 08:42:28
I used a middleware
etekumoses 2022-08-03 08:42:43
But not working at times works
Ish 2022-08-03 09:06:54
Anyone can explain me how to store a json file in storage folder..
etekumoses 2022-08-03 09:08:39
From form
TheRajChotaliya 2022-08-03 09:08:54
In my local system mail send successfully but not received in my mailbox while in live server its working fine
Web Developer 2022-08-03 09:09:18
Check spam
TheRajChotaliya 2022-08-03 09:09:49
No even not getting in span nd not giving me any error
etekumoses 2022-08-03 09:09:53
Check your env file
etekumoses 2022-08-03 09:10:09
Make sure the host name etc are correct
TheRajChotaliya 2022-08-03 09:10:13
Its giving me success response
TheRajChotaliya 2022-08-03 09:12:38
See i have checked with core php mailer nd its working nd i also get mail in mailbox and also live server its working fine. In my laravel app its giving me success response but mail not received in mailbox. What is the cause of that.
TheRajChotaliya 2022-08-03 09:13:45
I m sending mail using SMTP driver with tls and 587 port
etekumoses 2022-08-03 09:16:07
Try changing to port 465
TheRajChotaliya 2022-08-03 09:16:31
Ok wait