There have my route and user model, where is the error?

Ulzh7 2022-08-06 19:40:43
I have dm
Ulzh7 2022-08-06 19:46:22
Hello, i have try to Do mail vérification when register but dont work. I
have follow documentation laravel, i dont understand why dont work. I receive mail but it’s direct redirect in home page but i need for user first confirm mail in mail and after can have access to home page if mail verified . there have my route and user model, where is the error?
anujrock1 2022-08-06 21:18:12
email verification is in built functional in laravel

A template with content, button and link delivers to email and user has to click on that button Or copy paste that link in browser for verification

anujrock1 2022-08-06 21:18:44
If you need to add extra layer on it, then you need to create your own functionality
Ulzh7 2022-08-06 21:23:36
in laravel don’t have email verif?
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:24:05
are u using laravel auth system?
Ulzh7 2022-08-06 21:25:15
anujrock1 2022-08-06 21:25:17
Have, but not that confirmation page as you described above

After clicking on link /button from email go to new page where it will take confirmation

Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:25:37
in web.php just add verified
anujrock1 2022-08-06 21:26:12
Working fine your email functionality

If email receiving on address and after clicking on it redirecting to home page

Ulzh7 2022-08-06 21:26:31
hmm what i need to add?
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:27:17
Auth::routes([‘verify’ => true]);
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:27:27
in web.php like this
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:27:54
class User extends Authenticatable implements MustVerifyEmail
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:28:04
in your user model
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:28:38
then set email credentials in .env file
Ulzh7 2022-08-06 21:30:08
the same result i receive mail but don’t have mail verification
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:30:23
do this
Ulzh7 2022-08-06 21:35:48
Have this, i receive mail but dont have mail vérification, its redirect in page you are logged. I need for when you register you receive you see page where writing need mail vérification and Can Access only if hé verify mail
Ulzh7 2022-08-06 21:37:05
I have do this
Web Developer 2022-08-06 21:37:30
check verify field in database after clicking on verify button of email
V K 2022-08-06 21:52:22
Question if I have a table
I want to come back
Name ,email user_id
Name, email other_id
How much as your queryBuilder
Ulzh7 2022-08-06 21:58:12
I have do this. All good
Gidi 2022-08-07 03:30:38
Greetings guys
Need a little push in this

“imgUrl” =>[“cQ1maZT9prxzAGRR1yqEN8q2rDUpPJ5XPYPgSkdI.jpg”,”6dNzXeLxxVoFTltaLh8CgpqtQv9p030L9dTe6ksk.jpg”]”

have a query returned like so. I would want to seperate the elemets of the array stored on the imgUrl key into seperate entities all with the same key “umgUrl”

i dont know if I am making sense.
flatten does not do the work
iteration seem not to work as expected.

DesolatorMagno 2022-08-07 03:39:37
That’s the only thing that return the request? only 1 field with values?
Gidi 2022-08-07 03:41:46
Yes sir , did a select on the request,
DesolatorMagno 2022-08-07 03:42:55
You can just make a new array $arr[‘field’] = array_values($resp), use a for each to return a new array, or like 5 diferent ways more.
Gidi 2022-08-07 03:43:13
Its a culumn holding multi img urls in json format please

iterated in a foreach and then had this stored on a variable

Gidi 2022-08-07 03:45:16
$img = $this->portofolio->portofolioimg()->select(‘imgUrl’)->get();
foreach ($img as $image)
$arr[‘image’] = array_values($image);


a fair idea of what is going on sir

DesolatorMagno 2022-08-07 03:46:37
You have a array of imgUrl, not only a single one?
DesolatorMagno 2022-08-07 03:47:20
First thing, you are overwriting the values in the array.
Gidi 2022-08-07 03:51:53
It’s returned as single even after iteration.
And the imgUrl has all of them on one array
Gidi 2022-08-07 03:52:16
That’s the code you gave😅
DesolatorMagno 2022-08-07 03:52:35
No, i have u 2 option, you used both at the same time.
DesolatorMagno 2022-08-07 03:52:57