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baymax_star 2022-08-21 19:46:43
Hello, everyone.
I am a professional web/app engineer with 6+ years of experience in Javascript and PHP frameworks. I have already developed many web and app projects with React, Node, Vue, Angular and PHP, CI, Laravel, and Python.
I am familiar with Android/iOS app development using react native and ionic.
Also, I am an expert in web scrapping with Python and PHP, Node.js.
I have strong experience in developing blockchain projects including smart contract development and front-end development using Solidity, Web3.js, etc.

My main skills are following:

– Frontend:
React/Redux.js, Redux-Saga, Redux-Thunk, React-Bootstrap, Material-UI
Typescript, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Django, Golang
Vue.js/VueX, Vuetify
Angular 1-10
PSD to HTML && Figma to HTML && XD to HTML, Bootstrap 4, Tailwind CSS, LESS/SASS/SCSS, Responsive UI

– Backend:
PHP, CI, Laravel, Cake PHP
Python, Django

– Blockchain:
Developing NFT marketplace
Developing De-Fi apps like pancakeswap and uniswap
Token development (ERC20, ERC223, ERC721, ERC 1155)
Smart contract development, testing, and deployment (Solidity, Rust, Solana, Truffle framework)
Web3.js, Ethers.js
Ethereum & Binance smart chain(BSC), Avalanche, Polygon

– Mobile App:
Android, iOS
React Native, react native cli, expo cli

– Web Scrapping:
Python/Selenium, Node.js, PHP

– Database:
SQL, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, NoSQL

I can work over 40+ hours per week and if you want more, I can work in full time without weekend rest. Also my communication is very quick so that I can reply your message in short time.
I hope I work with all clients in long term.
If you are looking for senior web and app developer, please contact me anytime.
I am always ready for you 🙂

segungreat 2022-08-21 20:02:46
sam34z 2022-08-21 19:12:41
its already in post…

Your define route is different from the one you use in ajax. In web.php file you added “-” to separate the route while in ajax no “-”

sam34z 2022-08-21 20:07:43
Bro u r awesome…. after writing with ajax url: route{{}} it works..
sam34z 2022-08-21 20:08:02
thanks.. bro..
Ronnie 2022-08-21 23:39:59
I am interested in a remote internship for PHP / Laravel frameworks
An entry level position will be a great match.
I’d prefer an environment for career growth.
I am articulate with GitHub, so we can collaborate via teams.
Ronnie 2022-08-21 23:41:17
Please pass on the message, may be your connections can be of help, to kick start my career.
Ronnie 2022-08-21 23:41:37
Am a freshman college
Ronnie 2022-08-21 23:41:55
Offering a bachelor’s degree in software engineering
Ronnie 2022-08-21 23:42:28
My DM is open
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digitaldi 2022-08-22 05:47:23

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digitaldi 2022-08-22 05:47:25

digitaldi 2022-08-22 05:47:25

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Bright 2022-08-22 09:33:14
Our new react js blog
devgeekgh 2022-08-22 09:33:51
Where is it?
Bright 2022-08-22 09:34:16
React js blog with firebase
Bright 2022-08-22 09:35:07
you can only delete the blog you created
BIRUK_WEBi 2022-08-22 09:35:19
Bright 2022-08-22 09:34:16
React js blog with firebase

cool git link

Ransomewhere 2022-08-22 09:55:08
Can anyone help me to integrate
Whatsup cloud Api
elmurod_developer 2022-08-22 12:01:38
I have 3post types
for example
sport news
world news
tech news
elmurod_developer 2022-08-22 12:02:28
Thera are h4 in post types
elmurod_developer 2022-08-22 12:03:32
if doesnt exists post how hide h4
Dhruv Trivedi 2022-08-22 12:37:10

Redvan55 2022-08-22 12:45:02
hello , how go to passive mode for ftp in phpstorm,because public_html is not exists in ftp
S.MURALI DHARAN 2022-08-22 13:20:34
Dhruv Trivedi 2022-08-22 12:37:10

Table not found check table name

rahul8180 2022-08-22 13:54:44
S.MURALI DHARAN 2022-08-22 13:20:34
Table not found check table name

Check the table

rahul8180 2022-08-22 13:54:55
Exist or not
didaputraad 2022-08-22 14:39:38
The name your input is invalid
didaputraad 2022-08-22 14:40:16
Check alfabet for column and revalidate
teEVILJOKER 2022-08-22 16:04:16