PHP 2022-09-11 04:14

saxena240185 2022-09-11 04:14:02
Hi i m looking one freelance php developer for one chatbot project, if any one interested pls ping me
Jaygosalia 2022-09-11 08:07:14
Any python freelancer dm for task .. Need basic knowledge of ML as well
J2Chop 2022-09-11 14:30:09
I need Alibaba scam page that’s Chinese on China IP

Paying 150$ No upfront unless it’s escrow

Aarav Consultancy 2022-09-11 20:06:01

bitukupraveen 2022-09-11 22:37:00

Basic CSS Selectors in Telugu | Web Development SkillsYouTube
Basic CSS Selectors in Telugu | Web Development Skills

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The CSS id Selector
The id selector uses the id attribute of an HTML element to select a specific element.
The id of an element is unique within a page, so the id selector is used to select one unique element!
To select an element with a specific id, write a hash (#) character, followed by the id of the element.

The CSS class Selector
The class selector selects HTML elements with a specific class attribute.
To select elements with a specific class, write a period (.) character, followed by the class name.

The CSS Universal Selector
The universal selector (*) selects all HTML elements on the page.

The CSS Grouping Selector
The grouping selector selects all the HTML elements with the same style definitions.
Look at the following CSS code (the h1, h2, and p elements have the same style definitions):

futureseadev 2022-09-12 02:31:17

futuresea-dev – OverviewGitHub
Passionate coder, Responsible developer, Best colleague!!! – futuresea-dev
tolmany21 2022-09-12 03:59:16
[For Hire]
Hello Everyone!
Hope you are doing great.
I am a web developer with 5+ years of rich experience.
I can help you achieve your goal with my skills.

💪 Skills:
· Frontend: React, Angular, Vue.js, Web3.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Material UI and Responsive design.
· Backend: Node.js, Express.js, Laravel, Django, Firebase
· Database: SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.
· Blockchain: Web3.js, Solidity, Smart Contract.

🧙‍♂️ Services:
· Provides support after project delivery
· On-time delivery
· Flexible time zone
· Fair price and standard quality work
· Always available here for future assistance

Please DM me if you want a reliable developer.
Thanks & Regards.

MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 07:27:32
Normal resource route 🆚 api resource route…
mut6tafa 2022-09-12 09:38:29
/get laravel_hindi
Ranjith_Kumar_Karnan 2022-09-12 10:41:31
Hello…why my locahost pathway was always error
Rahul_roy0143 2022-09-12 10:44:20
Colour prediction website make only 5000
Pro E-learning 2022-09-12 11:36:15
Hi all
Good afternoon

We have a project requirement with one of our client for PHP developer with
Core PHP and laravel skills
Experience – 5+ years
Work from home

It’s a long term project .

We are hiring as a contract employee if any interested

you can work as a freelance project also.

Neha Sinha 2022-09-12 12:35:40
HONO is hiring for PHP Developer for Gurugram Sector 61 location

Company Website:
 Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs
 Testing and evaluating new programs
 Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these
 Writing and implementing efficient code
 Determining operational practicality
 Developing quality assurance procedures
 Deploying software tools, processes, and metrics
 Maintaining and upgrading existing systems
 Training users
 Working closely with other developers, UX designers, business and systems analysts
 Software developer with 3+ years’ experience
 B.Tech or MCA from a recognized Institute
Required Skills:
 Development work using PHP, SQL server, Codeiginter
 Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap is also required
 Knowledge or experience of payroll/ERP will be an advantage
 Good logic’s, sharp mind, and problem solving attitude.
Preferred Skills:
 Front end Skills of Jquery, Javascript, Ajax, rest/Soap APIs
 Experience in Angular or Node.js preferred
Notice Period:
 Immediate joiners preferred
 30 day notice period max

Leap ahead in your journey with HONO’s integrated, agile & AI driven HR Technology to enable , engage and transform your workplace.
CJON_China 2022-09-12 14:05:50
Rayyan_aalleey 2022-09-12 15:38:13
🌟 SCARFACE LION 🌟 TELEGRAM: @scarfacefans

⭐️ BUY/SELL TAX – 9/9
⭐️ PRESALE DATE: 12th Sept – 15th Sept

Akram Sheik 2022-09-12 15:46:59
Ultronium Private Limited
With sale of company, all documents soft copy will be provided, 100% shares will be transfered, Filing done from 2014 to 2021, No dues, no legal issues, registered in Hyderabad, no GST, no assets
Reason for sale: made company non operational from 2017 as I shifted from Hyderabad, will be providing domain.
Katherine Ferguson 2022-09-12 15:56:46
MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 16:05:22
Supplementing Resource Controllers
The most common mistake that happens when we define additional routes to the resourceful controller.
nithin6364 2022-09-12 16:46:21
can you tell me about ‘how to decode ioncube encoded php files that are downloaded from Cpanel?
MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 17:46:38
nithin6364 2022-09-12 16:46:21
can you tell me about ‘how to decode ioncube encoded php files that are downloaded from Cpanel?

You need a key

MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 17:47:20
That seems impossible
MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 17:48:15
nithin6364 2022-09-12 16:46:21
can you tell me about ‘how to decode ioncube encoded php files that are downloaded from Cpanel?

Who have uploaded the files there have purchased 95$ encoder

MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 17:48:28
You can use php extension to run
MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 17:48:40
But cannot edit code until you have that key
nithin6364 2022-09-12 18:22:24
MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 17:48:40
But cannot edit code until you have that key

Any other way to decode the ioncube php files

MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 18:22:47
Idt think so
P K 2022-09-12 18:23:23
I need Full stock development developer
MrPunyapal 2022-09-12 18:29:01
P K 2022-09-12 18:23:23
I need Full stock development developer


Kibira Newton 2022-09-12 18:47:27
Nil_209811 2022-09-09 14:03:40
Hello guys
There is any remote work for me in
Core PHP, codeigniter, and laravel.

Please DM me

Are you available

Kibira Newton 2022-09-12 18:54:56
I need a codeigniter developer
Am New 2022-09-12 19:50:39
Hey guys am making ecommerce website . I want to add Google maps API . To find distance in km. How i make 🥺
sanubro01 2022-09-12 20:14:33
Kibira Newton 2022-09-12 18:54:56
I need a codeigniter developer


nithin6364 2022-09-13 07:01:17

I am the professional Full Stack Web Developer and Flutter Developer i can build websites and Mobile Application and also web development projects for you

Inherownself 2022-09-13 09:29:30
Experience – 2 to 4 years
Location – delhi
Salary – 20k to 55k ( depending upon the knowledge and experience)

1.Minimum hands on experience on java be 2 years.
2. Strong analytical and coding skills
3. Lives in Delhi or Noida

Note – if anyone is interested, then kindly share your updated resume at

*References will be highly appreciated*

Thanks & Regards
Hr executive

uz65923 2022-09-13 09:46:11
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